Middle East

Syrian Army Frees Villages During Anti-Terror Operation in Daesh Rear

Death Toll in Egypt Train Collision Rises to 49

Kuwait says arrests 12 convicted in 2015 Iran spy case

Evacuation Deal of Saraya Ahl al-Sham from Arsal's Outskirts Delayed

Syrian Army Secures Largest Daesh Hotbed in Homs Province

Situation in Idlib Risks Provoking New Turkish Military Operation in Syria

Yemen's Blood Bank Faces Threat of Closure Within Days

Saudi-Led Coalition Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing in Yemen

Brothers in Arms? Arab-Israeli Siblings Arrested for Planning to Join Daesh

Majority of Israelis Say Netanyahu Should Suspend Himself if Indicted

At Least 16 Civilians Killed by Mortar Shell in Afghanistan

Four UAE Soldiers Killed in Yemen Helicopter Crash

Syria Suicide Blast Kills 23 Near Jordan Border

Divided Muslim family yearns to reunite, 70 years after India, Pakistan split

World's oldest man, Auschwitz survivor Yisrael Kristal dies

Egypt trains collide in Alexandria killing dozens

Iran to Build Civil Helicopters in Joint Venture With Russia

US Africa Command Confirms Sending Special Forces to Libya to Fight Daesh

Syrian Civilians Use Russian Checkpoint to Deliver Food to Daraa

Russia's Policy in the Middle East 'Saved Millions of Lives' From Terrorism

Saudi War in Yemen ‘Spiraling Out of Control’, Human Rights Abuse Runs Rampant

US-led Coalition Airstrikes Kill 19 Civilians in Syria

Israel to speed up Gaza tunnel barrier

Philippine Army Pursues Offensive Against Daesh

'More Than One Kurdish State' May Emerge, Iraqi Official Predicts

Russian Embassy in Turkey Investigating Detention of Nat’l Accused of Terrorism

Turkey seeks arrest of 35 media workers over alleged Gulen links

Syrian Army Repels Daesh Attack in Homs, 80 Terrorists Killed

Making Syria Safe: What Needs to Be Done After De-Escalation Zones Are Set Up

Israel Demolishes Homes of Palestinian Attackers

Number of People Visiting Families in Syrian Homs Safe Zone Increases

Syrian Kurds: 17 Indonesians Who Escaped IS Leave Syria

Iranian Drone That Bugged US F/A-18 Super Hornet Was Unarmed

Turkish Authorities Hold Security Meeting to Consider Syria, Terrorism

Syria, Arab Nation Should Remain United

Pakistani Ousted Prime Minister Starts Rally Procession to Hometown

Iran's Defense Minister Candidate Briefs Parliament Faction on Future Program

Up to 20 Canadian Police Officers Heading to Iraq on Diversity Advice Mission

Kadyrov Posts Video on Russian Kids in Iraqi Orphanages After Mosul Liberation

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