Middle East

Kushner Holding Peace Talks in Middle East - Reports

Kuwait Files Cases Against Web Users Criticizing Qatar Blockade

Netanyahu: Issue of Iran's Presence in Syria to Be on Agenda of Talks With Putin

US Stuck With ‘Nation-Building’ in Bid to Make Afghan Army Credible

Trump’s Afghan Plan to Fail Without Clear ‘End Game’ - Former CIA Officer

Tough Talk: Trump's Afghanistan Speech Triggers Twitterati Meltdown

IS conflict: Iraqi forces enter outskirts of Tal Afar

Daesh Militants Retreat to Center of Tal Afar as Iraqi Forces Assault Approaches

Syria war: 'Dozens of civilians killed' in Raqqa air strikes

Afghan President Thanks Trump for Support Within New Afghanistan Strategy

New Battalion Formed in SDF to 'Fight Terrorism and Occupation' in Syria

'Victory in Sight' as Syrian Army, Russian Planes 'Chasing' Daesh to Deir ez-Zor

Taliban Vows to Continue Jihad as Response to Trump's Decision on Afganistan

Up to 2,000 Daesh Militants Surrounded in Iraq's Tal Afar - Iraqi Militia

North Korea shipments to Syria chemical arms agency intercepted: U.N. report

More talks likely on Kurdish independence vote, negotiator says

Iran says only 5 days needed to ramp up uranium enrichment

Taliban: Afghanistan will become 'graveyard' for US

U.S. defense secretary arrives in Iraq on unannounced visit to meet Iraqi leaders

Despite expected U.S. troop hike, no end in sight to Afghan war

Up to 2,000 Daesh Militants Surrounded in Iraq's Tal Afar - Iraqi Militia

Mattis: Some of US Allies 'Also' Ready to Increase Troop Numbers in Afghanistan

Tillerson: Taliban May Receive Legal Status Through Talks

US to Expand Military Authority in Afghanistan, Won't Reveal Troop Numbers

EU Approves $118Mln Aid Package to Support Reforms in Afghanistan

Turkish Forces Kill 2 PKK Militants Plotting Bomb Attack in Country's East

Liberation of Mosul From Daesh to Take Less Than 2 Months - Iraqi Ambassador

Baghdad Rejects Referendum in Kurdistan

Syrian Army Advances on Deir ez-Zor From 3 Directions

Despite losing terrain, Islamic State's attacks rose in 2016

Merkel attacks Turkey's 'misuse' of Interpol warrants

Raqqa families make daring escapes from Islamic State stronghold

Saudi Mecca Hotel Evacuated after Fire

Iraqi Forces Close in on IS-Held Tal Afar

Antalya Bus Accident Injures 11 Russian Tourists

Saudi Arabia Ready to Provide 7 Aircraft to Transport Qatari Hajj Pilgrims

Dogan Akhanli: Spain grants Erdogan critic conditional release

Why Damascus Claims on US, UK Supplies of Chemicals to Syria 'Cannot Be Ignored'

Mystery Qatari Sheikh Pushed into Gulf Crisis Spotlight

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