Afghanistan's first all-girl robotics team has been denied U.S. visas to attend an international competition in DC.

The absurd invention we all need in our lives.

Bath in these natural Jacuzzi in Mexico

How Drunk People Do Things

Nutella Heaven

Little Pup Has His Own Bedroom

Amazing performance!

These guys are amazing!

So what's for dinner

This is the world's first 7D image zoo

Delicious Cup Creations

Fried Chocolate Strawberry

What Month Were You Born In?

Don't Throw Away Coffey Ground !

Let's do some magic!

The nail Salon

Cannabis treats for pets is a booming business

How to start a fire with water a plastic bag

This is most gorgeous pipe you'll ever see

The Secret Reason We Eat Meat

How Much Animals Sleep

This foundation can cover any tattoo

Seahorse dad giving birth !

Only the brave can take on this challenge

Egyptian Leader LAUGHS at Hijab in 1958

Will Gene Editing let us live forever or destroy humanity?

After watching this you got no EXCUSE

Please Share this to spread the happiness

Elizabeth Hurley, 52, looks RED HOT as she pours incredible curves into skintight dress

What would you do if three adorable baby raccoons started following you around? (WATCH)

OMG, I wanna eat this pizza right now!????

Watch what made Tyra Banks hit the Golden Buzzer on #AGT!


This is how you play with Vodka

the easiest way to make SUSHI: The Sushi bazooka

6 dangerous places people risk their lives to visit

Animation Fight: Watch

Your jaw is going to hit the floor the second Christian Guardino starts singing.

Another cop gets taught a lesson in law.

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