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How an IT debacle left Sweden's government on the brink

Secretive Saturn: New Cassini Data Upends Existing Theories About Planet

Time to Ditch McDonald’s? Former Employee Shares Nauseating Photos

India says no to driverless cars to protect jobs

X-rays of these small bodies from the tomb in Nazca raise new and interesting questions

Over 1,200 Military From 22 States Arrive in Russia for Army Games 2017

No Thanks: Iconic Simpsons Cartoon Turned Down Trump’s Offer to Guest Star

No Thanks: Iconic Simpsons Cartoon Turned Down Trump’s Offer to Guest Star

Robot May Have Finally Found Melted Nuclear Fuel at Fukushima Disaster Site

This mermaid school keeps you fit

This green wine is actually made out of marijuana—and it's available in the US

Down Syndrome Adoption

Marvel: Everything it unleashed at Comic-Con

Where the elderly take care of each other -- because no one else will

Practicing yoga in prison is completely reshaping these inmates' lives

Video of man riding endangered whale shark sparks outrage in Iran

Ever wanted to swim with crocodiles?

GM teams up with Uber to expand Maven program to Australia

US Buoy Tender Begins Historic Voyage Through Arctic Northwest Passage

First Muslim Same Sex Marriage

This pizzeria cuts their pizza with scissors

Strangers form 80-person human chain to rescue a family caught in a riptide and trapped in 15-feet of water

Air India: No chicken in cattle class

European Muslim Imams Begin Peace Tour to Terrorism-Hit Cities

Baby Becomes World's First To Have Gender Marked 'Unknown'

This soup kills 73 million sharks every year

Most Terrifying Ride in the World

Hello Kitty's biggest fan: a 67-year-old retired police officer.

This amazing coffee shop only hires people with disabilities

More UK nurses and midwives leaving than joining profession

Tower of Human Skulls Found Beneath Mexico City

These five countries have heavier traffic fines than Dubai

Arkansas nightclub shooting leaves 28 wounded

Ukranian beauty queen, 16 and friend 24, live-stream death in car crash

Group saved 2 turtles that were tangled up in netting

King of Condoms

Coolest airport ever

Starbucks is helping feed millions by giving away unsold food

Cheese Overload

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