UK Court Jails Man for 18 Years Over Plotting Blast on Passenger Jet

Russia Sends 68th Convoy With Relief Aid to Southeast Ukraine

At Least 5 People Injured in Train Collision in Austria’s Linz

‘We Should Do More’: Merkel Calls For New Approach to Resolving DPRK-US Standoff

Barcelona's Authorities Boost Security in Tourist Areas After Deadly Van Attack

No 'Cold War' Between Russia, US Depite Tensions

No More Democracy of Mass Destruction? Trump 'Not Inclined to Be Global Leader'

US 7th Fleet Commander Relieved Due to Loss of Confidence After Deadly Mistakes

Ukraine's Poroshenko Wants Weaponry of '21st Century' Amid Donbass War

Poland's Ex-President Walesa Claims He 'Never Sided With Communists'

Russian DM Shoigu Urges West to Separate Syrian Opposition From Terrorists

Typhoon Kills At Least Three People, Injures 20 Others in Macau

NATO 'Closes Its Adriatic Doorstep' While Turning Montenegro Into Colony

Philippines Aims to Purchase Copters, Armored Vehicles From Russia

Indonesia Hopes to Sign Su-35 Purchase Deal By End of 2017

Prince Harry 'very glad' to walk behind Diana's coffin

Armed Group Suspected of Police Killings Neutralized in Russia's Ingushetia

US 'Will Be Punished': N Korea Simulates Missile Attack on US Guam

Going Non-Nuclear: New Russian Sub's Invisibility System Will Be Tested in 2021

Rules Must Be Obeyed: Destroyer USS McCain Crashes Over 'Negligence'

Norway's anti-oil Green Party could hold key to election outcome

Frankfurt's international schools see Brexit bonus

A guilty verdict for Thailand's Yingluck may stoke anger but military firmly in charge

Typhoon Hato batters Hong Kong, streets flooded, flights canceled, trading halted

The People's Princess, Britons work to keep memory alive

North Korea presses rocket program, but amid signs of drama easing

Great Wall Motor dampens Fiat bid speculation

Trump Blasts 'Fake' Media for Misrepresenting His Stance on Far-Right Groups

Russian PM Signs Decree on Creation of Priority Development Area on Kurils

Russia's Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier Repairs to Finish in Three Years

Kim Wall: Headless body identified as missing journalist

Brexit: No 'direct jurisdiction' for ECJ after Brexit, say ministers

Venezuela seeks arrest warrant for prosecutor

Attack of the Drones: Chinese Tourists Arrested for Flying UAVs in France

Bern, Baby, Bern! Progressives to Petition Sanders to Start New Party

Russian Envoy Calls for 'School Truce' in Donbass as Academic Year Looms

Recently appointed Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono on Wednesday expressed a wish to visit Russia, adding that the two countries should show flexibility with regard to each other.

Bulldozer rampage: Australian man guilty of endangering lives

Barcelona attack: Suspects 'planned to hit key monuments'

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