Pentagon Awards $23Mln for Advanced Ocean Tech Program Engineering Services

Hundreds of Anti-Trump Protesters Gather Near Trump Tower in New York

Bubonic Plague Found in Two Arizona Counties, Spreading Via Prairie Dogs

Injured Charlottesville Protester Describes ‘Blissful’ Moment Before Car Crash

Lock and Load: Army Shops For Dynamic Multi-Role Rifle to Replace M16 and SAW

Trump Administration Only Offers ‘Strategic Confusion’ On Korean Peninsula

North Korean Leader Briefed on Planned Missile Test Near Guam

White Nationalist Website Taken Down for Ridiculing Charlottesville Victim

Committee to Protect Journalists Condemns Ukraine for Oppressing Media

German Politician Calls Speaking English in Germany ‘Lunacy’

'Slaps in the Face': Italian MP Blames Gov't For 'Selling Off' Country's Wealth

China Imposes Ban on Imports From North Korea, Yields to Trump's Calls

S Korea Says Pyongyang Unlikely to Strike Guam, But It's Technically Possible

Reunion of South & North Koreas Will Be 'Very Painful and Costly Exercise'

Anti-Hate Demonstrations Held in US Cities After Charlottesville Violence

US May Impose Strict Restrictions on Russian Diplomats' Travels Within Country

Teen's death at Chinese internet addiction camp sparks anger

Charlottesville Authorities Cancel Vigil Due to Threat From White Supremacists

US Placed Itself on Pyongyang's Level of Rhetoric on N Korean Issue

Nikolai Kudashev to Become Next Russian Ambassador to India

Australia church abuse: Priests 'must report' confessions

No Sign of N Korea's Preparations for SLBM Launch Test

US Denied Setting Up Fourth Consulate General in Russia a While Ago

North Korea Summons Ambassadors to UN, China, Russia for Meeting in Pyongyang

Early results show Argentina's Fernandez behind in Senate primary

Landslide leaves 47 dead in northern India

Peaceful solution to Venezuela crisis is possible

Drilling ship leaves Vietnam oil block after China row

Argentina's Fernandez nearly tied in Senate primary

North Korea missile re-entry technology not perfected yet

France in contact with local authorities over Burkina Faso attack, advises citizens to avoid area

Scaramucci: White House plotters seeking Trump exit

Kim Wall: Danish submarine was 'deliberately sunk'

Kenya election: Raila Odinga urges supporters to strike

Barnaby Joyce: NZ confirms Australian deputy PM is dual citizen

Charlottesville: White House defends Trump response

‘Only One Side': Obama and Biden Add to Voices Against Racism

Charlottesville Vice Mayor: Trump's Response to Charlottesville Violence Weak

Don’t Mess With Texas: State Has Highest Maternal Mortality Rate in World

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