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Donald Trump’s presidency is saving the history degree

Trump's divided desert: Wildlife at the border wall

Scientists fear new EU rules may 'hide' forest carbon loss

Baby born on Jet Airways plane gets free air tickets for life

This is how sex-ed is taught in Norway

This formerly homeless teen helped his family afford a house

Water Park for Disabled Children


Bull saved from bull fighting

7000 Indians die every day due to Hunger

Turkish Coffey on Hot Sand

These stories are refreshingly positive and hopeful

The high price of Uganda's gold rush

Windfall for banana seller robbed of his savings as strangers rush to donate

Man killed by tram in Manchester

Brazil teen tattooed with 'I'm a thief' over bike theft accusations

Colombia's Farc rebels to train as bodyguards

78 Tunisians hospitalised over land disputes

One community garden at a time: how New Yorkers are fighting for food justice

Orlando attack, one year on: church bells to ring 49 times for each patron killed

Man sentenced to death for ‘blasphemy’ on Facebook in Pakistan

South African girl on murder charge for killing 'would-be rapist'

Unique cat twins

What has Hong Kong done to tackle climate change? Next to nothing

12-year-old girl delivers baby brother

One Ukrainian serviceman killed, 6 wounded in Donbas in past 24 hours

Tangoing is living and feeling again!

From Parthenon of banned books to pipe homes of refugees – documenta 14 kicks off in Kassel

Scientists Find Complete Nestling of Ancient Birds in Amber

Too Close for Comfort: Russia's Zircon Surges Ahead in Hypersonic Missile Race

Man 'wore a burka to tempt 11-year-old boy away to rape and murder him' on rooftop

Florida man 'held girlfriend hostage for five days and forced her to take Xanax'

'I'm doing God's work' says man caught selling fake drugs at Tennessee festival

Texas deputy and husband indicted for murder after film of choking man

Retired Navy commander pleads guilty to fraud

'Lost' early photographs shed light on Sudan's Nuba and Latuka tribes

Massive clean ups, new national parks, as humanity stands with nature on World Environment Day

This gay couple are fighting stereotypes about their sexuality

Beaver return 'benefits environment'

Creative Justice

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