Fierce clashes in one of Arsal outskirts' valleys

Arsal Battle Achieving Coveted Gains Fast

Hizbullah Securing Gains in Battle against Nusra, Army Cordoning Area

Aoun meets Pharaon

Ambassador of Kuwait, Senator Ajaka meet Bassil

Battle calms in Arsal after 6 hours of shelling

Army calls on humanitarian organizations to assist refugees seeking camp exit

Kobeissi says wage hike quality leap

Army bombards terrorists trying to flee from mountains to Arsal village

Hezbollah launches land operation in Arsal

Aoun chairs cabinet session, says would've preferred endorsement of budget before salary scale

Berri: Salary scale a gain for people and Treasury

Cabinet convenes in Baabda, diplomatic appointments top agenda

Siniora meets Lebanese Banks Association head

Zahraman: To complete administrative and judicial appointments

Qatar slams quartet of blockaders for making ‘conflicting statements’

Rahi meets with Egypt, UAE and Saudi diplomats

Hariri meets Saudi Crown Prince

Geagea, Australian delegation tackle affairs of community

Aoun to delegation of economic journalists

Samy Gemayel says taxes approved to finance elections

Fayad: Government ought to control prices

Berri adjourns legislative session

Assailants of a Syrian refugee apprehended: Mashnouq


MPs discuss illegal maritime issues

Parliament approves additional levy on foreign entries to Lebanon

MPs broach wage hike revenues

Aoun meets Fatah official, economy journalists

Legislative session kicks off

Lawmakers reach Parliament to resume bills' discussions

Activists shut down revenues' building at MoF

Kanaan: Budget will ensure LBP 1000 billion

Bassil meets Belgian counterpart, suggests chairing ministerial conference on persecution of minorities

Geagea meets new Spanish Ambassador

Mikati meets British Ambassador

Parliament endorses 13 salary scale items

Aoun: Lebanon no longer capable of bearing refugee burden

Adwan confirms salary scale will be approved, linked to budget

Polemic at House of Parliament between Rahmah, Daher over attempt to submerge Army in political polarizations

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