The Civil Aviation's Department of Meteorology predicted this weekend's weather to be slightly cloudy, with a rise in temperature, coupled with high humidity.

In its weather bulletin, the Meteorology Department indicated the following:

- Humid and hot summer weather controls the eastern basin of the Mediterranean

- Expected temperatures:

On the coastline: 27 to 33 degrees

On the mountain range: 19 to 29 degrees

In the inlands: 17 to 35 degrees

- Wind: Southwesterly to Northwesterly with speed gusting at a 10 to 30 km/h

- Visibility: average, worsens sometimes due to fog formation

- Relative humidity on the coast: between 55 and 85 percent

- Sea condition: Moderate wave height, water surface temperature 30 degrees

- Sunrise: 06:07 hrs

- Sunset: 19:13 hrs