Yesterday, Swiftmas came early for fans of the 27-year-old singer, when she dropped the first track from her forthcoming album, reputation.

The single is a return to form for Taylor, whose musical offerings tend to come with more than just an undertone of scorn and vengeance. ‘The old Taylor is dead’, she claims, but this track seems pretty similar to the Bad Blood of yore.

Now, the dark and melancholic Look What You Made Me Do is making waves on Twitter for all the wrong reasons, sparking some sonic nostalgia for an early nineties classic.

reputation is penned for release in November, after Swift hinted the album drop by deleting everything from her social media but a series of eerie snake videos.

After the success of her previous offerings won Swift a multitude of accolades, including Album of the Year for 1989, what a reputation it is to uphold.

Right Said Fred have pretty big shirts to fill, after all.

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