Prime Minister Saad Hariri confirmed during his tour of Ras Baalbek barracks that "the government stands behind our heroic army, and we rely on it to protect Lebanon."

"Our Army martyrs have safeguarded the country and preserved its freedom and stability," he said, assuring that the government's decision over the issue of Arsal was the protection of the Lebanese territory.

"The commander of the Army will declare victory when the time is right. I thank every soldier who is carrying out his duties in protecting the homeland. The issue of the kidnapped soldiers is top priority, and we will never put it aside. However, we have to work on it patiently. We will reveal any new information we have in that regard. Your sons are members of this Army, and neither it nor the government have forgotten about them. God willing, we will reach a happy ending," he said.

"The Lebanese Army, alone without any help, is fighting the Fajr El-Jouroud battle. This Army will win. We did not take a decision for Hezbollah's participation in the battles of Syria. We want the Lebanese Army to protect the Lebanese border as protecting the homeland is above all considerations," Hariri went on, assuring, once more, that terrorists claim to be Muslims yet have nothing to do with Islam.

"I assure you that the President of the Republic, the House Speaker the government and all the Lebanese people stand by the Army," he concluded.