The United States, France and United Kingdom in a joint statement welcomed the Libya National Army (LNA) decision to probe unlawful killings along with its recognition of an ICC arrest warrant for an LNA commander.

 In July, the United Nations called on the LNA to probe the alleged involvement of the special forces, a unit aligned with the LNA, al Werfalli in particular, in torturing and executing detainees. According to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), there have been videos circulating around social media which allegedly show Werfalli executing kneeling men, or giving the order to have them shot.

"The governments of France, the United Kingdom, and the United States welcome the announcement on August 17 by the Libya National Army (LNA) that it will investigate reports of unlawful killings in Benghazi," the statement issued by the State Department said on Friday. "We note that the LNA has recognized the arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court prosecutor for a member of the LNA, Major al-Werfalli."

The LNA decided to suspend Werfalli from duty during the investigation, the release stated.

The US and its allies urge the LNA to ensure the investigation is carried out fairly and serves justice to all individuals responsible for unlawful killings, the release stated.