Nine out of 10 Brits are burned out as multi-tasking becomes a daily practise for many.

How often do you sit back and take a breather during the day? Chances are quite rarely. In fact, research from Bupa reveals that only one in 20 Brits are managing to take a break through the course of the day.

And, that busy lifestyle is taking a toll on our health.

Dr Luke James, medical director for health clinics at Bupa, says that the lack of down time we have is “really worrying.”

“We know that stress and anxiety and depression are associated with overwork and not undertaking recreational activities and pausing during the day,” he says.

“But we also know it’s a complex picture and it can affect other aspects of your health such as your diabetes risk or your cardiovascular risks.”

Small but important dietary and physical changes, however, can help to reverse those negative effects and help you accomplish more and get better results.

“Have a breakfast, a healthy lunch and taking that time out in your day to have that is very beneficial,” Dr James says, adding that exercise isn’t only important for weight management and prevention of diabetes, but also for your mental health.

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