It can be tricky making time to get regular health checks and you may even put off seeking expert advice until you’re really not feeling well. However, health prevention may help you avoid lengthy and high-cost treatments later on.

Being aware what state your body is in and how it responds to certain physical stresses can help prevent long-term illnesses.

When Charlotte Thomas, of the blog Lunges And Lycra, had her first health assessment, she wasn’t sure what to expect. “I think I was probably a little bit nervous,” she says.

Wiring her up with small electrodes, the health coach checked Thomas’ body fat percentage and did a musculoskeletal assessment.

To make sure she understood her results, Thomas spent about an hour with a health coach, and half an hour with a GP, which left time to ask questions as well.

Thomas left with a positive experience and said doing something once a year that only takes 90 minutes but could affect you for the rest of your life is totally worth it.

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