Everyone knows that in Britain, we are obsessed with our four-legged friends, so it’s unsurprising that 2017 has seen a rise in pet owners wishing to take their pooches on holiday with them.

The number of pet passports have doubled in the past two years, while one in 10 dog owners are thinking of taking their furry friends abroad this year.

Now Londoners who want to jet off with their pets have one less thing to think about - as a dog photobooth has just opened up in the capital.

The 'Paws-Port Photo Booth', which was created by insurers MoreThan, is here to give our dogs the chance to look their best in their travel documents.

The booth will be located at popular dog walking spot, Victoria Park, with the hopes that the novelty of the concept will remind us that our canine companions must also have a passport before going overseas.

Fitted out with professional dog groomers at the adjoining grooming station, dogs will first go in for a quick spruce up – with minor fur-trims, brushing and grooming procedures – to look fabulous before posing for the camera.

Once suitably presentable, our furry friends will take their seat at the booth, which has several clever canine-inspired features to capture their attention for the best possible shot.

There's a pet friendly basket adjustable seat catering for any size dog, to ensure dogs both big and small can be seen on the camera, and a built-in speaker which will play a variety of noises - such as dogs barking and whistles being blown to alert the dogs to the camera.

And if your dog's looking elsewhere? There are some handy peep holes next to the camera, containing squeaky balls and raw meat to get each pup's attention.

Research has revealed that increasing numbers of dog owners are looking into pet-friendly holidays.

9 per cent said they have holidayed with their pet before, while 62 per cent said that they were more likely choose a holiday destination if it was dog-friendly.

The free Pet Paws-Port Photo Booth opens to the public in Victoria Park (located by The Hub Café) on Thursday 22nd June between 11am – 4pm, with walk-in appointments all day.

Now there are no excuses for sending your poor pooch to the kennel during your getaway.

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