PLASTIC SURGERY trends come and go, but one of the latest is seeing women have a certain part of their cleavage removed. The “bra bulge” is an area that women are striving shed with treatments.

The bra bulge is the area of skin that bulges out between the breast and the armpit.

It can be caused by a bra or a top that is tight, squeezing the area.

Larger breasted women are especially prone the issue, while although not a medical one can cause women to feel self-conscious.

Aesthetic doctor, Dr. Galyna, based at the Dr. Rita Rakus Clinic in Knightsbridge, London, reveals all about the treatment women are using on the tricky area.

“As women, we are constantly striving to look better,” she said.

“To lose weight and get rid of that awkward little pocket of fat which despite spending many hours in the gym, just won’t budge, ruining the perfect fit of our clothes.”

However, now women are employing some to apply later to the area to cause fat cells to vanish.

Dr. Galyna has seen an increase in requests for treatments done on body parts such as elbows, knees, ankles, armpits and the dreaded “bra bulge”. 

The doctor claims the treatment is “revolutionary” and can reduce the issue in the notoriously difficult area.

One treatment, SculpSure, uses a laser light which passes safely through the skin, which heats the underlying fat cells, and kicks off a process called apoptosis.

This leads to the permanent loss of fat cells. Apoptosis results in the body’s natural elimination of this fat, meaning that the fat cells will disappear and stay away.

ULTRAcel, on the other hand, is a radio frequency micro-needling treatment which is used for skin rejuvenation and tightening on both the face and body. It induces collagen which tightens the skin. 

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