State Prosecutor, Judge Samir Hammoud, revealed to the National News Agency on Friday that the autopsy report found pulmonary embolism was behind the death of Farah Kassab, a 33-year Iraqi-Jordanian woman who passed away following a liposuction operation at Dr. Nader Saab's Hospital in Naccache.

"The autopsy report in Farah Kassab's death case has been issued; it shows that the cause of death is pulmonary embolism (PE)," Hammoud told the state-run news agency in a phone call today.

"Investigations are still underway to uncover the reason behind the PE, and if it could have been avoided," he added.

"The State Prosecution is still waiting for the Physicians' Order's report," he said.

He also indicated that medical investigations were still running to unearth the entire truth behind the young woman's death.