PREGNANT Danielle Lloyd has been told to rest up by doctors as her mum discovers fibromyalgia diagnosis.

Hi everyone,

It’s been another stressful week this week as I’ve been in and out of the doctors having blood tests and check ups. They’ve confirmed I do have gestational diabetes but luckily it’s only a mild form – nothing to worry about too much just yet.

I’ve been warned to watch what I eat and rest as much as I can. One real worry though is that early birth can be one of the side effects which has obviously, really been playing on my mind considering I had an early labour with Harry. It would be in five weeks time I had him.

Me and Michael have explained to the boys I’m not well and obviously they’ve been really worried but they’ve definitely been keeping me entertained! They’ve been so cute and bringing me grapes in bed and things – I’m getting plenty of cuddles too.

I just need to be as careful as I can and what with moving house in a few weeks, that’s easier said than done! I’ll be fine though, it’s one of those things you just have to get on with and we’re all really pulling together as a family.

All in all though I have been feeling much better in myself. I’ve been having nice lay ins thanks to Michael taking the boys to school and I’ve been keeping an eye on my blood sugar levels. We’ve also got a holiday booked next week so that will be a lovely relaxing time.

Quality time with Archie

My little Archie has been playing up a bit as I think he’s a little bit stressed with his school exams. I’m being there and supporting him loads but I feel he’s so young to be going through all this!

It’s his first real bit of school pressure so I’ve been sitting down with him and going through his work and some mock papers – some of it even I struggle to know the answer to!

George has been really clingy with me too so I think even though they’re all excited about the new baby, naturally, they’re feeling a little bit nervous in their own ways too.

Kids don’t always tell you the truth so you just have to be there as much as you can for them.