TELECOMS WATCHDOG Ofcom wants to consumers to be able to break up with their mobile provider via text message.

Dumping someone via text is usually frowned upon, but in this case, we are all for it. Switching mobile networks is a pain, and Ofcom backs this up, claiming that 2.5 million Brits who changed mobile provider said they experienced at least one major problem when switching, be it related to cancelling their service or keeping their phone number.

Under the new proposals published on Friday, Ofcom is calling for a new automated 'text to switch' plan that would let customers kick their network to the curb simply by sending them a text message.

Customers would then receive a text back, Ofcom explains, which include their a porting authorisation code (PAC) to pass on to their new provider who will arrange the switch within one working day.

The text reply must also include important information relating to any early termination charges, outstanding handset costs, or pay-as-you-go credit balances.

Lindsey Fussell, Ofcom's Consumer Group Director, said: "We want people and businesses to benefit from simpler, speedier mobile switching, making it easier for them to vote with their feet and take advantage of choice in the market.

"Our 'text-to-switch' plans would give greater control to mobile customers about when and how they switch, and prevent losing providers from delaying and frustrating the switching process."

Good guy Ofcom adds says that, under the proposed rules, mobile provides mobile providers would also be banned from charging for notice periods running after the switch date, which it claims will save Brits around £10m each year.

Earlier this year, Ofcom proposed new plans that could also see Brits receive automatic compensation for slow broadband repairs and missed engineer appointments.

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