Member of Parliament, Kassem Hashem, said on Friday that the 1960 electoral formula was still in effect "whether we like it or not".

He called on concerned political sides to seek settlement that would preserve the internal scene and fortify the country, away from personal political wishes.

Interviewed by the Voice of Lebanon radio station, the lawmaker warned from reaching the set deadline without reaching a new electoral law in hand.

"Political void might spiral the country in a state of chaos that's hard to exit," the lawmaker warned.

However, he confirmed that contacts remained underway to alleviate obstacles hindering political opponents from reaching the aspired electoral law.

"The notes that have been given on the electoral formulas are substantial; however, the rapprochements carry a sectarian rather than a national character," he added, pushing for more efforts to fortify internal national unity vis-a-vis a law that directly expresses the internal national will.