Minister of Social Affairs, Pierre Bou Assi, met in Geneva with High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, and briefed him on the general situation in Lebanon and the Syrian refugees' conditions.

The Minister explained to Grandi the response of the Lebanese authorities to this unprecedented crisis and its various repercussions on Lebanon at various levels.

The meeting was also an opportunity to present what the Ministry of Social Affairs is doing in this regard, in cooperation with the various Lebanese authorities and other international and local partners.

Bou Assi praised the partnership with the High Commission, hoping to deepen it "in the interest of Lebanon and the Lebanese on the one hand, and for the aim of providing the displaced Syrian with all their humanitarian requirements."

He stressed "the importance of supporting Lebanon at the national and local levels, so that the host communities can bear the heavy burdens placed on them until the conditions are set for the safe return of Syrians to their country."

He also called on the Commission to contribute to bringing Lebanon's true voice to the donors, in parallel with the efforts of the Lebanese government in this regard.

The minister urged the High Commissioner to "provide the database owned by the Commission on the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, which will certainly help Lebanon in its quest to provide greater transparency in dealing with this crisis, and towards donors as well."

The Minister of Social Affairs is visiting Geneva for two days and heads Lebanon's delegation to the Committee on the Rights of the Child, which discusses Lebanon's fourth and fifth periodic report on children's rights.