"Future" bloc observed the 28th commemoration of the martyrdom of Sheikh Hassan Khaled, eulogizing the late Sheikh as an exceptionally patriotic figure who 'sacrificed his life for the sake of national constants'.

"Let's proceed with his national path and uphold his unyielding constants," the bloc said on Tuesday in a statement in the wake of its weekly meeting, presided over by former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora.

With the advent of the Liberation Day on May 25th, the bloc highlighted the grand symbolic meanings of this great national achievement represented in the liberation of our occupied lands from the Israeli enemy, thanks to the huge sacrifices of the Lebanese resistance and the unity, solidarity and steadfastness of the Lebanese people, in addition to the support provided by the Lebanese state on this path.

The bloc reiterated that "national coexistence manifested in national unity and civil peace remains the fundamental pillar which enables Lebanon to continue to achieve its national, political and economic uprising."