Kendall Jenner loves doing ''sexual'' photoshoots but doesn't get to ''be hot'' in front of the camera as much as she'd like.

Kendall Jenner loves doing ''sexual'' photoshoots.

The 21-year-old beauty is hugely in demand as a model and though she's posed for semi-nude photos in the past, she wishes she was given more opportunities to ''be hot'' in front of the camera.

Speaking to photographer Mario Testino for his podcast, she said: ''I don't get to be hot very often. I love going like, sexual, because I don't get to do it.''

And Mario admitted he finds it ''weird'' that she's not chosen for sexy shoots because she has such a great figure, but thinks publications may feel ''intimidated'' about showing a different side to the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star.

He replied: ''It's so weird because you have the body. I think that maybe people are intimidated to take you there. Maybe you've done a lot of American Vogue and it's not about that and it's more about clothes.''

Kendall loves being ''transformed'' for photoshoots but she thinks too many people are ''confused'' on how best to pitch her in front of the camera.

She said: ''I love being transformed. Everyone always wants to make me myself. Because not only am I a model but I guess have a name too, so they get confused, they don't know how to use me.''

The stunning is star is close friends with her fellow models Gigi Hadid, 22, and her younger sister, 20-year-old Bella.

And Kendall thinks it is ''funny'' that people don't realise she and Bella have been friends for several years as they went to school together, and are not just pals because of their shared catwalk experiences.

She said: ''Gigi and I just started getting close when we started modelling, but Bella and I were actually really good friends since high school, and hung out everyday in high school before either of us started working.

''It's just funny because a lot of people don't know that Bella and I have been friends for like five or six years.''