Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil on Saturday inaugurated a series of Diaspora houses in the northern city of Batroun, as part of the Diaspora Energy Conference's proceedings.

The event included the inauguration of the Lebanese-American House, the Lebanese-Emirati House, the Lebanese-Canadian House, and the Lebanese-Brazilian House, as well as the Lebanese-South African House, and the Lebanese-West African House.

The series of inauguration took place with the participation of Brazilian House Speaker Rodrigo Maia, Madagascan Foreign Minister Beatrice Atallah, Congo's Minister of Cooperation Clement Kanku Bukasa, in addition to Canadian Ambassador Michelle Cameron, Emirati Ambassador Hamad Said al-Shamsi, Brazilian Ambassador Jorge Kadri, Mexican Ambassador Jaime Garcia Amaral, and U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy Danny Hall.

In a word delivered on the occasion, Bassil indicated that the Diaspora Energy Conference could not be complete without making a stop in Batroun and visit the Diaspora houses, a project undertaken by the city's municipality.

Bassil did not fail to remind expatriates to apply for the Lebanese citizenship, revealing that the top ten diplomats to collect the maximum of application will be honored and rewarded.