They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Sporting long blonde braids and a spandex cleavage-bearing swimsuit, Katy Perry could easily be a long lost descendant of the Kardashian family. Check out the singer’s striking resemblance, here!

Whatever happened to Katy Perry‘s, 32, short pixie haircut? The singer once again changed up her look, and this time, she looks like Kim Kardashian‘s, 36, sister! Remember when the reality star went from black to platinum blonde for the first time during Paris Fashion Week? She rocked braids all the way down to her boobs! And who could forget that pink latex dress she wore at her Fleur Fatale fragrance launch in Australia. If you have NO idea what we’re talking about, allow Katy to job your memory!

Either the “Chained To The Rhythm” hitmaker is working on a new music video, or she just felt like getting all dolled up for an Instagram photoshoot. Regardless, she looks JUST like Kim with those platinum blonde braids and that pink skintight one-piece. Even Katy’s eyebrows look fuller and darker! AND, her body is completely covered with oil — which is something many of the Kardashian ladies do in their sizzling photoshoots. Khloe Kardashian nailed the body oil look when she posed for Complex magazine!

As if those similarities weren’t enough, did you realize that Katy’s name begins with the signature K? She could TOTALLY belong to the Klan! Funnily enough, the bootylicious sisters aren’t the only ones Katy’s been compared to in recent weeks. When she cut multiple inches off her hair, many fans said she looked like a clone of Justin Bieber with her platinum blonde ‘do and big blue eyes. Katy also styled herself to look like Guy Fieri! Yes, the chef who has spiky hair and wears thick black sunglasses all the time.

Source: Hollywoodlife