The former Countryfile presenter proved she is looking better than ever as she flaunted her enviable figure in a pink sports bra and purple leggings.

Showing off her toned abs and incredible physique, the mother-of-three admitted in an interview with Fit & Well magazine that she has cranked up her fitness regime by taking up pole dancing.

But when she isn’t hiking long distances, Julia revealed the school run has helped her keep active and she uses a tracker to ensure she hits 10,000 steps a day.

She confessed: “The other night it was about 11pm and I’d done 9,800 steps, so I ran up and down the stairs to get something, just so I’d hear the ‘ding’ to tell me I’d done my 10,000!”

The television presenter - who also has a five-year-old son with partner Gerard Cunningham - admitted being a mother has changed her body.

"My tummy’s changed. I’m getting older, too, so it’s important to take stock," she added.

However, Julia said it doesn’t mean she’s giving up her favourite chocolate biscuit.