The 51-year-old Bush frontman is yet to have talks with producers of the ITV1 show as to whether his contract has been extended – despite Sir Tom Jones,, and Jennifer Hudson, all confirming they have began negotiations.

Asked if he’d entered discussions, he told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: “I think they’re waiting until the end of the series. They’re waiting for us to clear every hurdle.”

However, Tom said: “We’re talking about it now. It looks pretty positive. I hate to count my chickens before they hatch because I’ve been in this business for a long time.

“But they know I like the show. It’s all pretty positive. The deadline for a decision is the summertime.”

And will confirmed he’s “in talks”, while Jennifer added: “I’ve already said I will come back. I don’t see why I wouldn’t.

“I would love to do next year. I will make time for it because I’ve enjoyed this year. I’ve had a great time.”

And Gavin admits that is he doesn’t get invited back in his spinning chair, he’ll feel it’s because he’s done something “wrong.”

He explained: "If they don’t ask me back then a bit like when my acts went out, I would wonder what I did wrong. But I’ve had a great time doing it – it’s been incredible for me.

"People have got to know me a little bit, way more than they ever did before. You’ve just got to take the positive about it."

Source: The Sun